• Deal with one vendor for different marketing materials.

• Have the people who need marketing materials order it themselves when they need them.

• Don’t waste time going back and forth with phone calls and e-mails.



• Get our best pricing off our already competitive rates by skipping the manual ordering process.

• Order the quantity that works best for you—don’t pay for materials that are going to sit on the shelf and never get used.

• Only pay for shipping once directly to the end user.



• You decide the brand standards and what will and won’t be put on the MIM storefront. 

• Maintain consistency of marketing materials whether they are going to your headquarters or to a dealer on the other side of the country.

•  Get reports of who orders what, instant access to invoices, and automatic updates on order status and shipping.


But…If you want to talk to a real person who will answer your questions, we are here to help! Call us at 605-725-4723